Co-publishing the Local Digital Declaration

In our view collaboration, reuse and sharing are all key to local government making real progress, at pace, on the change we need to better serve our citizens in the Internet age.

Along with the values embedded in the Service Standards we’ve adopted, this signifies a very different way of working both within our council and between colleagues across the sector.

So we’re delighted to be co-publishing the launch of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Local Digital Declaration. It absolutely embodies the values of how we think we’ll build the future of local public services.

The declaration embodies five principles of internet age local public services. These are:

  • We will go further to redesign our services around the needs of the people using them.
  • We will ‘fix our plumbing’ to break our dependence on inflexible and expensive technology that doesn’t join up effectively.
  • We will design safe, secure and useful ways of sharing information
  • We will demonstrate digital leadership, creating the conditions for genuine organisational transformation to happen.
  • We will embed an open culture that values, incentivises and expects digital ways of working from every member of our workforce.

It’s absolutely brilliant that so many parts of central, local government and beyond are signing up to this at launch and we’re sure there are more to follow.

In terms of working to these principles, this very blog platform is an example as we’ve reused the GOV.UK platform to deliver this fast. We’re progressing a number of other collaborations including our Essex Data programme (as featured by GDS here) and more to be announced soon.

You can find out more about the declaration at or download it here

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