Weeknotes 2-6 September

This week we’ve been celebrating success as well as getting to grips with our new challenges.

The whole team came together to talk our Chief Exec, Gavin, through how we built the new and what we’re up to next.

The walls in any agile office should talk. That’s where we plan, plot our success and generally post-it. We bared our collective souls, and told our story.

It was very interactive, and Gavin seemed to really enjoy it. We’re going to have a think about other ways we can share our story with the rest of the organisation.


Caroline M and Sheila delivered another content design workshop. They’ve also been mapping life events against education and adult social care content.

This is a prime example of how we can iterate our content and our general digital offer to make it even more user-focused.

Caroline A’s been redesigning her Planning content, setting up meetings with stakeholders, as well as paring back some of our wildlife and biodiversity pages.

Service design

Nic’s back fully recharged from his hols and has jumped right into discussions about our channel shift programme, getting sign off to start work on adult social care financial assessments, and feeding ideas in to the upcoming ECC Learnfest.

Bhupinder’s hitched a ride with user-research, looking at school transport and observing an interview with a parent who’d been unsuccessful in the application process. There’s a lot we can take from these to shape our service patterns and improve processes involved in checking and applying for something.

Team highlight

As well as Gavin’s visit, we’re also very chuffed about accessibility on the new site.

We’ve always believed that good content is accessible content. That’s been borne out by the results of our latest sweep of the site, scoring upwards of 96%.

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