Weeknotes 26-30 August

The bank holiday means it’s a mega-distilled, triple shot of an update this week.

We’ve been getting ready for a visit from our Chief Exec next week. We’ll be talking him through our journey and what comes next.

Caroline and Hannah have carried on delivering our content training.

Sheila’s been plotting life events against services offered by the council as part of our patterns work.

Bhupinder’s been planning for the ‘book it’ pattern which we’ll be moving on to next week.

Magda’s been doing user interviews with babies (and their parents) about our education and childcare pages.

I’ve been working on the new Blue Badge form process, which went live this afternoon.

Team highlight

Regular readers will know we’re always itching to iterate on our work. Our work practices are no different. After ruminating on some retros, we’re making the way we work more dynamic and less siloed.

Agile is a way of moving. If you’re standing still you’re not doing it.

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