Weeknotes 22-26 July

It’s been said that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. With our sweltering show and tell and a sizzling award nomination, we’ve had success in buckets this week.

User research

Georgiana, Ben and the Research and Insights team shared what they’d learned from the GDS user research course and how they’ll apply them in Essex at our show and tell.

Ed presents at our show and tell
Ed presents at our show and tell

The community of practice will meet every two weeks and cooperate on everything from recruitment to best practice.

Magda got back from holiday, and cracked on with planning for the weeks and months ahead. This focused on the rhythm of usability testing. This will depend on having a good flow of recruitment of users, as well as managing our current user panel.

She tackled some of the issues blocking this head-on, with help from our information governance team. This will make sure that we not only get the right participants, but that we treat them and their data right.

We’ll also need the right tools and software to manage our research efficiently.

Service patterns

The team were looking at problems people have when they’re applying for things on our website. They came up with 13 themes, ranging from issues with language to giving the right information at the right time. They’re coming up with ‘how might we’ statements to turn each of these themes into design opportunities.

Service design

Nic’s been working across a few pieces of work, thinking about how to align them under programmes and workstreams.

There are so many good bits of work going on, and that increases the opportunities to add value as they start to converge.


Caroline M’s been booking in content design training for teams across the organisation for the next few months.

Hannah and Sheila have been working together on the Trading Standards section. Hannah’s also been taking part in the ‘apply for something’ patterns work.

I’ve been carrying on with my Coroner’s work, and tweaking bits of the content design workshop.

Team highlight

We’re in this for the user, not the glory, but it was lovely to hear that we’d been nominated for Team of the Year in the You Make the Difference awards this week.

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