Weeknotes 22-26 April

It’s been another short week. As well as packing in the work, we packed our bags and moved over to E1.

Feel free to come and say hi as we settle in to our new neighbourhood!


Caroline A’s been looking through the 1,687 documents in the Environment and Planning section, and importantly, how residents actually use them.

Sheila’s been helping out with some of the stand-alone web apps for education, like school closures and school waiting lists. She’s also met some subject matter experts to chat about early years and childcare, alternative education provision and apprenticeships.

Other than that, content’s been quite quiet. Collette’s in Vegas, and I’ve just got back from a nice wee trip to Edinburgh.


Helen’s been tirelessly planning redirects from the existing site to the new one. This is pretty remorseless work, but a nice sign that we’re edging ever closer to go-live!

She’s also found time to plan how we’re going to tell people within the council and beyond about the new site when it's ready.

Service design

Nic and the team talked about their service patterns work at this week’s show and tell. With a good turnout and some useful feedback they’ve got plenty to shout about in their blog post, coming up next week.

There’s also been some exciting developments following on from their focused discovery work for the adult social care information advice and guidance project. Work’s begun on a future service blueprint for how these kinds of services should look, and how the tech and processes need to change to make it happen.

Service design are heading on the road next week, catch their show and tell at Colchester Library on 30 April at 11am.

Team highlight

Nic had a good chat with some colleagues from Camden who were asking about how we run our blog, this week. It’s really nice way to show how working in the open can lead to ideas being shared. (Though, my personal highlight this week was having haggis for breakfast and whisky for dinner).

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